share-IT is a family of unprecedented collaborative tools to connect Adobe® Creative Cloud Apps with your favourite MAM platform.

The solution offers a unified experience for creative professionals to collaborate with other departments without having to leave their favorite creative apps or learn how to use a MAM.

share-IT in action


share-IT with Avid® MediaCentral I Production Management

share-IT with Avid® Interplay I Production is a new platform that allows Adobe® After Effects CC or Photoshop CC to connect with Avid’s asset management tool MediaCentral I Production Management, offering users a simple yet highly reliable and secured experience. The set of unique features offered grants graphic artists with an amazing fluid experience and constant quality in their deliverables.

share-IT with Avid® MediaCentral I Production Management powered by Woody Technologies allows :

• Controlled browsing of the Avid® MediaCentral I Production Management folder structure

• Import of selected assets

• Delivery to Avid® MediaCentral I Production Management directly from the creative apps

The system administrator gets additional advanced settings :

• Dynamic creation of the target folder tree structure

• Control over metadata elements to be transferred

• Transcoding and format profiles

• Definition of the naming convention to be applied

• Direct check-in of clips inside MediaCentral I Production Management with alpha channel information (MatteKey) to allow instant video keying on a Media Composer timeline


share-IT with Cantemo Portal™

share-IT with Portal is an extension to Adobe® Photoshop CC & After Effects CC to connect the leading imaging and visual effects apps with your favourite MAM platform Cantemo Portal™. This very tight integration offers significant enhancements and an improved experience for the graphics team to collaborate with the rest of the Portal community of users.

The HTML5 panel allows users to find and pull content from Portal and to publish back to the MAM platform directly from Photoshop in a fluid, secured, and controlled manner !

share-IT with Cantemo Portal™ uses the PortalScript™ engine and offers :

Load media

  • Browse, search and import media from Portal within Photoshop.
  • Open selected ID in a browser to review the clip and associated data.
  • Display media name, asset ID, asset type and file format inside the Panel.

Save media

  • Update existing item or create a new one.
  • File formats for the saving process can be restricted to the relevant ones only.
  • Comments can be easily added directly from the Panel.

Settings and console

  • All connection settings available from a single tab.
  • Each request is logged in a console to track licence or connection issues.
  • The number of thumbnails per page can be configured to improve the experience.

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