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Data-driven Promo Versioning Platform

If you ask any creator what they need more of, the answer is universally TIME !

Every organisation using videos has to deal with a rising deluge of content to create : more versions, languages, formats & a full line-up of news and releases.

Automate-IT factory helps broadcasters, retailers and every brand willing to interact with their customers in a interactive way. The platform offers users a :

  • seamless content creation process for sophisticated videos
  • complete corporate graphics guidelines compliance 
  • secure distribution 

Generating automatically thousands of promos in high quality has never been easier.

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Automate-IT factory in action

Key functionalities

Automatic video generation
  • Clips generated with Adobe® After Effects CC
  • As many Adobe® After Effects CC render nodes or render farms controled as necessary : no more limit to your production !
  • Automatic clip generation : creativity unleashed !
Media & metadata import
  • Data pull from any source with an integrated import workflow (XML, Excel, web-service REST or SOAP etc.)
  • Media assets accessible from everywhere : connectors available to leading storage systems (NAS, Cantemo Portal™, Amazon S3 etc.)
Delivery & notifications
  • Intuitive & customized delivery workflow tool automating content delivery to a range of delivery platform : Avid Interplay I Production, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, NAS, SAN, social media etc.
  • Notification pushed to relevant people / system via all types of platforms (email, SMS, Slack, RabbitMQ, SQS, web-service etc.)
Enterprise-class management system
  • Enterprise-class management system to streamline hosting costs
  • Relevant indicators for a complete production monitoring : number of generations, errors, average calculation time etc.)

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