Automation & Collaboration for Adobe® graphics tools.
Unleash your creativity !

We focus on understanding what pains the content creation industry is facing and we provide automation & collaboration solutions for sophisticated Adobe® graphics & video workflows.

Automate-IT combines the knowledge of Broadcast & Graphics with deep IT expertise in order to adapt our platform to all types of technical and editorial contexts.

Our products


Data-driven Promo Versioning Platform

Generate automatically thousands

of promos in high quality !

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Collaboration for Adobe® CC graphics tools and your preferred MAM

Easily connect Adobe® Photoshop® CC & After Effects CC

with leading Media Asset Management systems !

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6 reasons to choose Automate-IT !


Are you looking for an easy-to-use solution to automate your recurrent graphics tasks ? Automate-IT will perform this for you.


Need for tighter integration to pull information and deliver to your corporate Broadcast IT systems ? Automate-IT is designed to allow easy and solid IT connections to adapt to any editorial or technical context.


Need to connect your creative team with the MAM or BPM recently deployed ? Automate-IT comes with webservices and a documented API for a simplified integration. Existing connectors for Avid® Interplay, Cantemo Portal™, Aspera® Orchestrator.


Want to leverage your  infrastructure better and delivery faster with enhanced quality compliance ? Automate-IT offers complete control over your resources, on premises or in the cloud.


Looking for simple ways to manage sophisticated processes and better collaboration methods ? Automate-IT brings simple and elegant answers to satisfy users and managers.


You find it challenging to bring creatives and engineers to solve your pains ? Automate-IT was uniquely designed and developed by IT experts and Broadcast professionals.

Major Brands trust us